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GPT Integrated Customer Data Onboarding Platform

Open Source Alternative to OneSchema, and

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Scalable<Power of Streams>💪

YoBulk is designed to scale. YoBulk is designed for large-scale CSV validation, with the ability to process files in the gigabyte range without any glitches or errors.Transformations are done on stream buffers while handling BACKPRESSURE & PACING gracefully.


AI first<Power of GPT3>🚀🚀

YoBulk harnesses the power of OpenAI to provide advanced column matching, data cleaning and JSON schema generation features. Generate validation schemas in seconds using YoBulk AI.


Simple <Smart Spreadsheet>😃

YoBulk Spreadsheet view for CSV error validation is simple yet very effective. Designed to be a data exchange hub for any business that utilizes CSV files, YoBulk makes it easy to import and transform any CSV into a smart spreadsheet interface. This user-friendly interface highlights errors in a clear, concise manner, simplifying the task of cleaning data.


BYOD & BYOV <Bring your own database and validation rules>🙌

YoBulk offers a platform for Developers to create a custom CSV importer that includes personalized validation rules based on JSON schema. With this functionality, developers can design an importer that meets their specific needs and preferences.YoBulk will allow you to do all the data cleaning and onboarding in your own house without thinking much about DATA PRIVACY.


YoBulk SDK

1import { YoButton } from "yoembed";
2import "./App.css";
4function App() {
5  return (
6  <div className="App">
7    <h2>SaaS Embeddable Button</h2>
8    <hr />
9    <br />
10    <YoButton
11      btnText="Import CSV"
12      importerId={id generated by the system for your importer}
13      yoHostUrl={'http://localhost:5050'}
14    />
15  </div>
16  );
18export default App;

Self-hosted installation

We provide a docker image.Install YoBulk on your server and do a quick try..

# Clone the YoBulk repository
git clone

# Go to the repository folder
cd yobulkdev

# Start with docker compose and Check http://localhost:5050
docker-compose up -d

Our Features


  • GPT3 Integrated

  • Intelligent column Mapping

  • Framework to write own validation rules

  • Docker support

  • No Code template generation

  • Delightful error review experience

  • Bring your own database

  • YoBulk Backend API for Headless CSV importing

Coming Soon

  • Postgres and Mysql support

  • 1 click data error fixing

  • cloud and multi tenant hosting

  • NLP models for self data correction

  • WebHook for custom data processing

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YoBulk is an #OpenSource company



From Our Customers

  • Yobulk was able to import large CSVs with million records and as an open-source platform, it can be deployed on-premises. It is a perfect fit for the finance domain where data security and privacy are of utmost importance. We tried on-premises, but it did not work for us.

    Filipe Garcia

    Filipe Garcia

    CTO, Elucidate

  • Building any import functionality within a SaaS application is a hard problem that we encountered ourselves within NocoDB. And its pretty remarkable that being such a developer centric problem there is not even a single open source product that is trying to solve this gigantic problem in a fundamental way. Yobulk have stretched the frontiers with being not just being developer centric & open-source approach to this problem but also with their unique AI first approach to solve this problem.

    Naveen R

    Naveen R

    Founder, NocoDB